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Funny, simple and easy to use!

Just have a smartphone, tablet or pc connected to Internet

or the laminated fidelity card

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or come to meet us to our stand during the outdoor fairs: you will receive immediately 100 points to start saving money!

Furthermore, you can have fun collecting points during your experience of outdoor tourist:

  • informing you with www.vacanzelandia.com

  • buying products and services at affiliated store of the network

  • staying at accomodating structures that are registered to the network

  • buying tickets, pass of the parks, insurances, etc... everyone partner of the network


Then, if you use the services reserved to “gli Amici di Vacanzelandi@”, you can obtain DOUBLE POINTS in case of:

  • request of AVAILABILITY of sojourns at accomodating structures that are registered to the network


or you can avail exclusive OFFERS of the network's partners.


All of the points you collect, you can convert them in discounts at the following affiliated store:

  • accomodating structures as campings, campsites, etc...

  • food service structures as restaurants, coffee bar, etc...

  • theme parks, entertainment centers, spa, beach resorts, ski resorts, etc...

  • museums, archaeological sites, theatre, cinemas, etc...

  • authorized retailers, mechanics, shops, ecommerce, ecc...

  • insurances, ferry-boats, rentals, travel agencies, guides, magazines, etc...

  • pass for fairs, events, etc...


It's very simple to use it!

The electronic Fidelity Card will be always with you in your smartphone or tablet, installed on your application, that you can show at the affiliated store to avail advantages of “gli Amici di Vacanzelandi@”.

If you want, you can also require the laminated Fidelity Card to keep it always in your hands, functionality is the same as the electronic one, you have to show it before the payment, deciding to upload or to download points.

You can control in every moment your points balance through smartphone, tablet or pc and find every informations to avail all of the advantages.

Use the network more and more, as well as save money, you can obtain some BADGES that you can also share on the social network to obtain rewards from Vacanzelandi@.


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so you can start to collect points and avail advantages and you can obtain your badges to show at the other "Amici di Vacanzelandi@".


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